Monday, December 14, 2009


Lately I feel like I really need to write. I have a journal, but I want to post online. Maybe then people that don't get to see me that often might know what is going on in my life.

Right now I have been sitting here trying to make sense of some things in my life. I have a beautiful family, my husband, and two wonderful daughters, ages 9 and 1 and a half. These people are the most solid thing in my life right now. I am sure that someone may be wondering what I mean by that, and for now you will have to guess. I can only say right now that they are the most important things on this earth to me, and for them, I would give my own life. This is the one thing I am absolutely sure of.

My name is Jessica Larson, formerly, Jessica Mitchell, I am 28 years old, I share a birthday with Beyonce Knowles, 9-4-81, and I have many interests, hobbies, and plans. Some people may think that I talk too much or that I am naive, but what they may not understand is that I am very unique. When I am around really loud obnoxious people, I tend to be quiet. When I am around mean and angry people, I tend to talk a lot more than normal, mostly about nonsense, in hopes that the other people will get annoyed and leave me alone. (I am realizing that tactic isn't working as well as I thought it would.) As for the naive part, well... let's just say that I have been highly experienced in many different areas of life and I have tucked that info into a tiny pocket inside my mind. It's almost as if I am much older in mind than in body. Does that make sense? Anyway, I feel that it may be time to start unleashing some of this info out into the world wide web. Hopefully, it will be of some use to you or someone you know, because all it is doing right now is getting old and stagnant inside the deep confines of my mind.

Please feel free to comment anytime. I only have one rule for those of you who comment...


God Bless



Applecart T. said...

hi. found you through may's m.

i am commenting b/c i feel like i walked into a room i wasn't supposed to. i was surprised you commented on her blog. honest, yes, but v. public. no email?

see, there i go. being rude while acting like i have answers & prescriptions about "how to act." mostly, i've got a novelist's-type fascination with how people think and act and feel. everyone is so different and it's like anthropology to try to understand them. my main goal is understanding, not being mean.

i hope you feel better. my blog is a bit of a mess of mental illness right now, so feel free to find faults : )

Jessica said...

Thanks for commenting. I appreciate your honesty. If your goal was to try and understand me, you probably never will, well, not entirely.

I feel that if you are willing to post your personal feelings on a public blog, than you should be willing to discuss them in public.

I'm sorry you choose to feel the way you do about reading our interactions. Honestly, it is no different than the reality TV craze. You can turn on the TV to find anybody's personal business all wrapped up in one little show. They even have a reality TV channel. People have become much more open in public than ever before, so to me this shouldn't make you cringe any more than your daily dose of the Kardashians, etc...

Good Luck with your blog, and I may stop by and comment sometime.